Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bentonite clay= WOW factor!

Wednesdays are usually my co-wash days so last night I decided to try a bentonite clay hair mask since I have read so many wonderful reviews on,, and I even viewed a few YouTube vids on it. has very thorough information on the benefits of the clay for face, hair, and body. In relation to the hair, bentonite clay contains trace minerals such as silica and calcium that are a must for strong and healthy hair. It helps remove dirt and oil buildup and detoxify the scalp. I've seen various recipes for this clay treatment but I decided to use the following:
bentonite clay(1/4 cup)
coconut milk(mixed until batter formed)
The clay opened
-I saturated my hair and applied the clay. After I worked it through my hair from root to tip, I put on a shower cap and let the clay sit for 30 mins. DO NOT let it dry! I felt a tingly feeling about 15-20 mins in.
The clay while I was mixing 
- When I got ready to rinse, I dunked my hair in the sink and then made sure I rinsed the clay thoroughly. I've read people say they have a gritty feel after rinsing but I didn't(guess I rinsed it all out). I did however notice a difference in my texture for the better =) My hair was manageable and easy to comb through. 
-After rinsing I did a co-wash with V05 herbal escape and rinsed. I then applied Lustrasilk Shea Butter cholesterol plus, unrefined shea butter to my ends, did about 10 two strand twists, put on my satin bonnet and called it a night!
I did the face treatment this morning and enjoyed those benefits as well!
Here are my hair results:


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