Wednesday, March 4, 2009


That's how I felt the first day I logged onto Overwhelmed by all the lingo the ladies were throwing out there(lol). I even remember sending a picture to my girl and she complimented, "you're officially a CG!" and my response..."What's a CG?". Luckily I had her to ask because I would NEVER have the nerve to ask. I have seen on the forums where women will ask what does, APL or TWA means but for those ladies who are like me and would never be so bold I got your cheat sheet right here. HTH(hope that helps)
ACV=Apple cider vinegar
Used as a rinse to remove build up and balance hair's PH balance 

TWA=Teeny Weeny Afro
Ladies achieve this after doing the big chop

BC=Big Chop
Big chop doesn't always mean cutting all of your hair off, just cutting out the relaxed hair
CG=Curly girl
Using the no-poo or sulfate free shampoo, washing hair with conditioner, using little or no heat, etc.
APL=Arm pit length
SL=Shoulder length
BSL=Bra strap length
A lot of natural women's holy grail. Great styling aid for wash-and-go's. I love it!

A line of all natural hair, body, and skin care products
HE=Herbal Essence
A lot of women like the Hello Hydration conditioner for co-washes. I bought a sample at Wal-Mart but haven't used it yet. 

HG=Holy Grail
Product that you dare not leave out of your regimen!
DT=Deep treatment
Conditioning method when you sit under a dryer for approx. 15-20 mins.
EVOO= Extra virgin olive oil
Nourishes and conditions hair
Natural hair gel that doesn't leave hair crunchy like so commercial products
EO=Essential Oils
Natural oils that are used with various hair recipes 

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