Friday, March 6, 2009

*Drumroll Please!*

I'm proud to announce my first "Haute Girl"! I will feature beautiful women who are or have transitioned. Every woman has a different way of doing things so when my advice doesn't work, hopefully a Haute Girls will!
~Introducing Black Hoya Chick
Jersey City, NJ~
Have you BC'D(or planning to) and if so what prompted your decision?
BHC:BC-ing is the ENEMY! LOL just kidding, but in February I started trimming and inch for every inch that grows. But on August 22, I plan on chopping whatever is left. I want to go back to school all natural. I should have between 8-9 inches then. 

What made you decide to become a curly girl?
BHC:I was programmed/brainwashed as a child into thinking that I had bad hair that needed to be tamed i.e. relaxed. But one day I was looking at old pictures and looking at my current relaxed hair and saw how thin and lifeless it had become. I was like "didn't I used to have super thick hair?" So at that moment, I decided to stop perming. But at the time I planned on keeping it pressed straight. It was a few months later when I decided to be a NATURAL natural. As time went on (and I stopped using shampoo) and I saw my curly newgrowth in full effect, I was upset I had spent so much money on an expensive flat iron that I was rarely gonna use. I had been nothing but straight for the last 8 years so I needed a MAJOR break.

How do you track your progress?
BHC:I take a lot of pictures. I was an avid fotki user but they are trippin'! trying so hard to make people pay now...but I digress LOL. I also measure my hair twice a month (beginning and end) to make sure I am actually growing. 

What's you hair care regimen?
BHC: I like to believe its simple. 
1. cowash daily - detangle daily 
2. moisturize and seal
3. pull hair back into a puff/bun
4. take down hair at night, spray a little water to add some overnight moisture, put in two big twists and clip them up, then put on satin sleep cap.
5. repeat

What have been your most successful products?
BHC:my fab-5: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut, Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil, Fantasia IC Olive Styling Gel, honey, and baking soda 

How have family and friends embraced your beautiful locs?
BHC:I have one friend who annoys my life by telling me to straighten it and one of my brothers keeps telling me to get a perm (very annoying). But besides those two, everyone loves the idea and is actually quite supportive =) 

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