Monday, April 6, 2009

Haute Girl BekkaPoo

What made you decide to become a curly girl?
Hehe.. I love this question because it’s not like I “became” curly. I was born curly and for a few years during the ages of 10-14 I “became” a permie. I have been natural for most of my life and my perm years were a glitch that has now been corrected. I decided to get rid of my perm forever when I noticed that my hair had broken off right down to the scalp. So I cut my hair down to a ¼ in. fade (about three times btwn age 14-21) as I was learning to work with my natural hair for the first time.

What is your daily hair regimen?
B: My daily regimen is pretty simple, but inconsistent.  Something I have always done is using water and a little conditioner to refresh my curls.  I also co-wash as needed using Aussie Moist, and detangle about twice a week.  By “as needed” I mean whenever my hair is feeling dry or dirty, or if a hair experiment went wrong.
How do you protect your hair at night?
B: At night I mainly just sleep on a satin pillowcase and I will alternate btwn a loose pineapple, overnight ponytail roller set, or I just leave it out.  Right now it’s too short to be a nuisance on my pillow if I wear it out in my sleep.  I give my hair a basic level of protection at night with the pillowcase and usually that is enough.  I think too much overnight styling and leaving my hair in buns or ponys is causing some of my hair to break off in a halo, so I have to be careful how often and how tightly I pull back my hair at night.
If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three hair items would you have to have?
B: Ohh good question..well my hair actually likes salt water so in theory, I might not need much extra on a deserted island.  But most definitely number one on the list would be raw natural organic SHEA BUTTER.  ORS Elasti-ci-tea leave in (my favorite right now), and also some thick conditioner like Aussie Moist.  However if I really really had to cut those products down to just one, I think my hair could survive on salt water and shea butter alone.
How do you tackle negative comments about being Natural?
B: I love natural hair on anyone.. for anyone to criticize what is growing out of my (or anyone else’s) scalp, what my ancestors gave me is definitely good enough for me so I don’t hang onto negative outside opinions.  I let it go. But honestly I haven’t gotten too many, and I guess if I did  I have blocked them out.  But I would say to anyone if/when you do get them, just dust off your shoulders and move on.  I have no time for haters so I don’t let them drag me down to their level. 
Do you have a goal length?
B: Yes I do.. I’d like to be bra strap length unstretched.  I just recently saw a picture of myself at 6 or 7 years old, and I had a mane of hair that was bra strap length despite not having an ideal hair care regimen (can you say fine toothed comb, Johnson’s baby shampoo, and NO conditioner in sight for yearrrrrrs).  So I’m hoping that I can get back to that length.  Considering how badly my hair was treated early on I’m surprised it was able to grow that long.  I’m hoping that with the care I give my hair now it will get there once again.
Do you have staple treatments(ie.henna,deep treatment, bentonite)
B: My treatments right now are just doing deep conditioning, again as needed since I don’t have a regular schedule of treatments.  I use a base conditioner that is cheap like Suave or White Rain.  Then I will add either olive oil or melted shea butter to that base.  I don’t measure so I just make my formulas to the thickness that I like.  Lately I tried a mayonnaise and olive oil deep conditioner so that I could get some protein, and although messy it worked well for me.
How have you handled your worse hair days?
B: On the worst hair days a bun will be my best friend.
How do you retain moisture?
B: I try to keep my hair moist by giving it water from the inside (drinking it) and outside (wetting it).  Also applying my conditioner and shea butter to the ends helps.  But honestly, if the moisture level isn’t there I apply water and conditioner until it’s feeling better.  It’s really a day to day process and the more you are in tune with your hair the easier it gets.
What would be your advice to someone thinking of transitioning?
B: Go for it!  Don’t be afraid of your hair.
What have been your fave styles to acheive healthy hair?
B: I’m not much of a stylist, but I have tried to teach myself a few simple styles that work.  I favor loose buns, the challah updo (see Crownofhisglory on youtube to see styling directions), or just a twisted crown style, all of which are quick five minute styles.  As much as I love twists and braids, they do not look good on me so I’m definitely envious of you thick haired ladies who can do a two week twist set.
If you make any homemade concoctions would you like to share?
B: An easy rinse for the hair is to boil rosemary in water, let it cool, and run the cooled tea over your hair after you wash.  It gives a nice tingle to the scalp and rosemary is supposed to aid in hair growth.  I don’t know if rosemary tea rinses have helped my hair grow but I really like that tingly sensation, especially down here in very humid hot South Florida.

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