Sunday, April 5, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

Congrats to curly Nadine! 
Winner of the Lustrasilk contest

My cousin Abeo give me my first comment she have always been natural and was the first to notice and realized that i was transitioning, seeing as i was 15 and transitioning i kinda keep it under raps cuz i didn't want to be criticized by friends with my new choice to be natural, i was wearing braid-out or Bantu's back then. it really meant  a lot to me to have some one who could help me and support me and know what works for natural hair and even more so cuz we had similar hair seeing as were family and with very strong genes, she's 3 year older then me and i really look up to her and she is now my fav hair idol. i have a lot to thank her for as i am still learning my hair. 
 I'm attaching a file to show you how lovely her hair is i really do adore her hair.

~Ladies if you have products that didn't work for you, recycle them here at H&N and curlies can share wonderful stories like Nadine's! :) Email me at if you would like to participate. I will reimburse all s&h charges

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  1. thx soo much i never win anything, this really means alot to me to see that i have ppl supporting me. thx again and i love ur blog keep doing what your doing^_^!!!!.