Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Growth Rampage...

That's what I'm on! I have been heat free since January and I've tweaked my routine a couple of times while trying various products. I really want to achieve shoulder length(or longer) by July. 
My current routine
Sun:Poo, rinse-out, ACV clarify, deep treatment
Wed:Co-wash, deep treatment
Fri:Co-Wash, deep treatment
Detangle w/ H20 & leave-in, 2 strand twist, sealing ends w/unrefined shea,
message scalp with BB Growth Serum, spray hair w/Juices & Berries
sleep with satin bonnet
ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion, honey/AV gel/H20 spritz, BB Growth Serum on scalp
top style off spraying w/ Jucies & Berries
GNC Women's Ultra Mega(2X a day)
Nettle 500mg
MSM 1500mg
Fish Oil 300mg
Vitamin E 400IU(2X a day)
Biotin 5000mcg
My shampoo, condish, and deep treatment have varied. I used Dr. Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment Sunday and I love the way it felt on my scalp. Downfall...mineral oil is high on the list(3rd ingredient) :( I also have AO Honeysuckle Rose, ORS Replenishing Pak, Pantene R&N Mask, and Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Pack. I was using Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In nightly and I have switched to Creme of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-In because I don't want my hair to get use to Cantu and I won't be able to revisit it at a later date. I didn't like how the C of N left my hair feeling so I added jojoba oil and EVOO to it and I'm pleased. I ordered a bottle of Jamacian black castor oil because I've read wonderful things about it being good for growth. Once I receive it I may use it to seal my ends. I also placed an order with my fave company Oyin. Greg Juice and Honey Hemp are on the way! :) I GOTTA kill the PJism so I only plan on visiting my nearby Dollar Tree to purchase my favorite co-wash conditioner, VO5 Clarifying Kiwi & Lime(I was THRILLED to see it there yesterday). I think I have more than enough products to help me on my quest. So ladies, do you think I'm on the right path? Open to any and ALL suggstions!♥


  1. sounds like you're on a war path lol! but it's a good routine. your hair will flourish!

  2. Girl I am! I'm not a big fan of braids(on me) so I have to find other solutions. I want a little more length so I can do more with my hair.