Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Henna Kissed Hair

Monday was officially "hair pamper" day. I started the day with a shampoo and conditioner and then clarified with an ACV rinse. I finally got around to trying Pantene R&N Hair Mask for a deep condition. Confessions of a product junkie coming soon....(lol). I'm glad I did the deep condition because it made my hair extremely easy to comb through and detangle prior to the henna. Once all that was said and done came the fun part...applying the henna!
Everyone has their own mixture and I'm sure I'll try several before its all said and done. Here's what I used:
1. I mixed 1gm of Jamila henna with about 1 1/2cups of Dr. Stuart's Skin Purify tea. I also added honey while mixing.
Henna has the consistency of cake batter so when mixing, you have to make sure you scrape the bottom to assure you mix all the powder.

2. I applied the henna soon after I mixed it. Also prior to applyin the mixture I used Vasoline around my neckline, hairline, and ears(for those who remember the perm days)so it wouldn't stain. I didn't lay down towels or newspaper but it is recommened that you do so because application can get messy. I squished the henna throughout my hair from root to tip using my fingers to unravel any tangles.  The less manipulation the better.
3. Once I applied all the henna I used two plastic caps because I was going out later. Henna IS heavy on the head and you will feel like a bobble head(lol). You can also use two if applying overnight so the henna won't spill onto your pillowcase.
I kept the henna on for about five hours, sitting under the dryer for the last 30 minutes to help release more of the color.

4. I used the kitchen sink to rinse out the henna. A lot of rinsing because there's a lot of grit. I did a co-wash with my trusty V05 and styled.
I like the results of my first treatment.  My gray strands are orange but I read that's expected. Besides, its only noticeable to me. I think I'll do them weekly and slack off after a few months.

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