Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From The Inside, Out

Nutrition plays such a crucial role in how our body ticks. Our circulation, our digestive tract, and especially our immune system all play a crucial role in promoting healthy hair. Working as a store manager at GNC I would have so many women come in looking for biotin or horsetail to help with hair growth and I would ask this one simple question, "Do you start your morning with breakfast?". Then I get a million and one excuses:
 "I usually just drink a cup of coffee(or Coke)."
"Girl no, I have kids to get ready for school."
 "My day is so hectic I usually only eat once a day."
I'm a firm believer in, "You are what you eat" and taking a vitamin that promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails is great but it contains vitamins and minerals to do just that. Where is your fiber, your daily servings of fruits and veggies, your digestive enzymes? So my ladies would walk out the store thinking they were on their way to beautiful hair. WRONG! 

Poor circulation, stress, vitamin deficiencies, and a poor diet are all factors in unhealthy hair and hair loss. So following the right regimen and putting in your body what you may miss throughout the day is essential. My own personal vitamin intake varies from time to time but currently I take the following:
Natural E 400IU(2x a day)
-increases oxygen uptake, which in turn improves circulation
MSM 1500mg
-required for the builing block of protein
Fish Oil 300mg
-Keeps the hair from getting dry & brittle
Stinging Nettle 500mg
-stimulates hair follicles 
Biotin 5000mcg(5mg)
-promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails
There are additional vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are beneficial such as silica, vitamin C w/bioflavonoids, kelp, etc. I also do a body cleanse every six months to elevate excess toxins out of my body. I stay hydrated by drinking an ample amount of water through out the day. When I know my digestive system doesn't feel up to par I take a probiotic to get back on track. I eat pretty healthy, cutting out added or excess sugars and salt. 

So before you become that product junkie, be sure that you're focusing on your inside as much as your outside and your hair will definitely reap the rewards!

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