Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cerendipity...A Haute Girl

Have you BC'D(or planning to) and if so what prompted your decision?
C:I didn’t BC my hair; I did what they called little chops. At the time I just keep putting in either braids or weaves. I would take them down and clip the ends because it didn’t match the rest of my hair

How have family and friends embraced your beautiful locs?
C: My family is on board now but they had many words to say and still do about “nappy hair”

How do you survive a bad hair day?
C:By throwing a puff in my hair and holding my head high!

What's your hair care regimen?
C:I pre-poo with an oil the night before I wash, the next day I co-wash with a conditioner ( usually HE Hydration), followed by a herbal rinse and then a ACV rinse. After that I apply my leave in, and braid to dry overnight. The next day is when I section my hair to either braid it or twist. I only wash every 2 weeks in the winter. The spring and summer time, is usually depending on my hair style when I might co-wash once a week.

What have been your most successful products?
C:I love Qhemet Biologics Amla& Olive Heavy Cream, Burdock Butter Cream, Olive &Honey Hydrating Balm, Amla Pomade, and Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee. To be honest her line is my top Staple, followed by Myashas, Afroveda, and Hairveda

What have been your fave styles to acheive healthy hair?
C:I love to wear mini braids, or two strand twists to keep my hair healthy , however if I could I would wear a puff every day.

How do you track your progress?
C:I track my progress by how healthy my hair is and how it feels. I’m not into length checks because you will drive yourself nuts, just focus on the health and all else will follow

What is the best advice you would give to someone who is thinking of transitioning?
C:Transition your mind before your hair… it’s easy to say I want to go natural but when everyone around you puts their outlook on how “you” should look to “them” , you start to doubt yourself.


  1. yay!! I am soo happy you were featured!!

  2. I am so happy that my girl Cerependity was featured!!
    she's an amaaazing person and her hair is just gooorgeous!